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Welcome To Spero Counselling!

Our organization was created to provide dedicated supportive counselling to help clients navigate challenges that hinder them from living the life they deserve. At Spero, we believe in every individual's ability to achieve positive change and we firmly believe that with a little hope you can persevere and overcome life's obstacles.   

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About Spero Counselling

Our mission is to provide counselling services to adults, young adults, couples, and late teens. We strive to enhance self-awareness, empower, assist with resolution of personal struggles, and collaboratively navigate the challenges and uncertainties of our client’s lives. We believe in the importance of creating a safe, comfortable, and non-judgmental environment where clients can feel free and relaxed to share their troubles with trained individuals. At Spero, we recognize the potential for positive change in everyone.  

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Counselling Services We Provide

African american family couple holding h


50 min

African american family couple holding h


50 min

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Relationship Issues

50 min

African american family couple holding h


50 min

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Late Teen (16+)

50 min

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"With Hope We Persevere.

To Persevere Is To Overcome."

                                     - Anonymous

Meet The Counsellor

Brad is the owner and operator of Spero Counselling Services. He brings with him nearly a decade of experience working in the mental health field. Brad has gained significant experience working with marginalized populations, youth, and families who have complex mental health issues. 

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Brad Cheeseman

B.A., M.Ed, C.C.C.

(Canadian Certified Counsellor)

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